Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Team Chow 2

Dark Elf Brawler: 22 and 9 a specialist in the hammer head griffin technique. Once obsessed with beauty her vanity led her to seek a witches magic to guard her face in fights. She is now cursed never to show her beauty again. Her powerful gauntlet and her iron helmet make her defense almost impenetrable. However this has proven a liability as she cannot keep up with agile opponents and is not as strong as some of her slower adversaries.

Light Elf Brawler: 25 and 10 master of the mule kick technique. After her shocking upset win, she left and joined the Welterweight division to conquer and claim her second champion ship title. Cocky and bold she often takes issue with betting officials when they don't pick her as the favorite before a fight.

My concept lead and I participated in the concept art.org Chow 2 here is the link. If you can vote for us when the poll is up.

super fun to work on cheers to Rich lyons you can check his out on that page.

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