Monday, August 4, 2014

Master and coulour studies

 Zorn! Anders Leonard Zorn so I had not heard of him until fairly recently. I heard of him on a podcast and after I picked up the pieces of my mind I needed to do a study.  His painting style like Sargent look effortless. But he also looks like he was having a lot of fun. I tried to replicate the brush strokes as best I could. The mastery of this man was something else.
 Some Mullins studies, I love the contrast in value on these. Seeing if I could capture it.
 Shaddy Safadi has a series of videos on Alla Prima digital painting,there quite good. Everyone should check them out on his YouTube page. Really interesting technique it involves a under painting of really rich complementary colours. A very methodical and step driven technique, and a lot more enjoyable them it would seem. I'll have to try what I learned with this on a couple of production paintings in the future. "it's about looking good, not being good" that quote has helped in more ways then I think he knows. Just form a physiological point of view.