Tuesday, January 1, 2013

New year and a look back

Yeah so 2012... I've been super busy with freelancing so it's been a bit lean here on the blog.  However I do try to do studies when ever I can. Here are a batch from 2012.
I'll update it over the next couple of weeks with some freelance stuff. I don't have permission to post a bunch of it, but I'll post what I can. 
This time last year I wouldn't of guess that I would have been able to make a living at this without a full time gig. It' been hard at times, I have worked almost 7  days a week since I got laid off. It's been fun though and, I never would have gotten the opportunists that I did in 2012 if I haven't lost my job. And yes it sucked to lose yet another job to issues outside my control. However Freelancing has given me a sense of ownership over my career and my life that I have never had since I lost my fist job back in 2008.  Freelancing  is hard but rewarding, I learned a lot, and I wouldn't of change how last year turned out if I could of.  Happy new year everyone.

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