Monday, January 14, 2013

Project Halo 4 ... Terminals

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 So freelancing it's crazy. I had the privilege to get to work on Halo 4 in my own small way. I never thought I would have a small part of something so big but this is how free lancing goes. You never know the opportunities that can come up.
The great folks over at Sequence contacted me to assist on the backgrounds for the in game terminal animations for Halo 4. Day in and day out painting and learning,  painting and learning. It was Awesome.  It was also one of the most challenging things I've ever done, there was so much work to do and we had to get smart on painting these efficiently.  These are a few of the background and shots I did. Big thanks to Andrew (AD) Graeme, Jace, and the producers Ian and Dan, 343 industries, and everyone else that worked on it, it was super fun.

Here is the Demo reel and big shout out to the animators and compositors they killed it too.
Congrats to 343 Halo 4 turned out great

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Grayhouse said...
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Grayhouse said...

Dude these look great. It honestly feels like years since we did this. Glad you posted them up!

Anonymous said...

wow, nice one Berto!