Friday, July 26, 2013


it’s been a minute, well a couple at least… Between feedings, work, sleep, and changing diapers. I squeezed in 2 hours to do some sketching and painting. Oh man and it was a hard fought 2 hours. If I get more time I would like to take this one further. (probably won’t so I’ll just do another painting)
Also been doing a lot of photo mash so it was nice to just let the brushes do the painting


Michael Scala said...

Great stuff man.

I'm a big fan of your work; do you think you could save off some screens of the process during one of your paintings?


robots said...

Hey Michael thanks for the comment I have a couple of paintings that I have steps for
Heres Attic:
and this one:
For the painting above I just painted on 1 or 2 layers at a time. so I didn't save a process.
However I would recommend checking out Whit Brachna snow mountain video from Massive black. I followed that one on this painting.
thanks again