Saturday, December 21, 2013

Daily Spitpaint on FB

Ancient woods
Heavy armor
dangerous Beach
White Moose
Giant Staircase
Strange visitors
Plasma rifle
Defense turrets
too high
Frozen Beach
 windy village
 Orbital weapon
 Plague winds
 purple valley

sky patrol
Sand Storm
Soul eater
Defense spell

 Disability robotics
Temple elder

 The daily speed paint group on Facebook. Simple rules, no photos, 30 min paintings. These are challenging and super fun. Some of these were over the allotted 30 min and some I never posted because they took well north of 40min.  And some were even taken down by the moderators of the group, rules are rules.  And as you can see some were more success then others. Also there is plenty that were attempted and never warranted to be saved because of how badly I failed. I've learned a lot about how I paint and what if any process I follow. In the future I'll try to post these on the month they were done because, this is a pig post.